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Welcome to Avolon Lowbeds, your trusted partner in the transport industry. We are a family-owned business operating in the Highveld Mpumalanga area, and we take pride in delivering prompt solutions and personalized service to our customers. Our loyal customer base relies on our extensive experience in the lowbed industry.

At Avolon Lowbeds, we specialize in a range of services to meet your transport and recovery needs. Our expertise includes the transportation of various mining equipment and machinery, up to 40 tons. We also cater to equipment and machinery transport requirements.

When you call Avolon Lowbeds, rest assured that we will put action into motion to provide you with the necessary solutions for your transport and recovery needs. Trust us to deliver reliable and efficient services to your satisfaction.

Our History

A Legacy of Motion: Avolon Lowbeds’ Journey

Avolon Lowbeds doesn’t just move machinery, it carries a legacy. Our story began in 1995, not with gleaming lowbeds, but with the humble rumble of small tow trucks. It was there, on the asphalt canvas, that we learned the rhythm of the road, the language of metal monsters, and the art of navigating tight coils and open highways.

Over two decades, we evolved alongside the very industry we serve. We graduated from tow trucks to rollbacks, and finally, in 2016, Avolon Lowbeds was born, christened in the fires of experience and a thirst for exceeding expectations. Today, we boast almost 30 years of expertise, specializing in the intricate dance of abnormal load transport, particularly for the giants of the mining world.

But our ambition stretches beyond mere tonnage. We’re a family-owned company, rooted in the Highveld Mpumalanga, and that familial spirit defines how we approach every client. We offer prompt solutions and personalized service, tailoring every journey to fit your unique needs. We’re more than just logistics; we’re your trusted partner, putting Logistics Motion in action.

So, when you entrust your precious equipment to Avolon Lowbeds, you’re not just choosing a fleet of sturdy vehicles and seasoned drivers. You’re tapping into a heritage forged in resilience, honed by expertise, and fueled by a relentless dedication to moving your world, with care, efficiency, and a smile.


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